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Acne Scar Reduction
Acne always leaves scar on the skin. They could be deep pitted scars and dark spots which are quite embarrassing for the patient.

We offer latest CO2 Fractional laser which is extremely suitable for this problem and gives excellent results after few sittings. It is painless procedure and gives slight redness for 2 days.
Diamond Dermabrasion
For flawless skin , Diamond Dermabrasion is the procedure of choice . It is done by two types of crystals and organic crystal are used at the end to polish the skin. We use different serums according to skin type and their penetration into deeper layers of skin is possible after dermabrasion . It also stimulates new cell growth and increases blood circulation in the skin. After few sitting you can achieve glowing and flawless skin . It is also good treatment for pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
Derma –Fillers are made up of Hyaluronic acid, a substance which is already present in our skin. They are used to correct laugh lines, to the lips your perfect pout, to cheeks to give liquid face lift.
Laser Treatments
Every type of laser treatments are available to Rejuvenate the skin. It is for skin resurfacing , fine wrinkles and skin tightening . Our latest IPL Laser has produced excellent results in Rejuvenating skin and giving younger looks.
Mesotherapy is done to achieve younger and plumped up skin. It is also done for hair fall and small area lipolysis.
Non-Invasive Skin Tightening
Could be achieved , but patient selection is very important . It is not long lasting and needs few sitting.
Pigmentation / Melasma
Pigmentation / Melasma is treatable by different treatments which are available at BEAUTIFUL BEINGS. Pigmentation/ Melasma is normally due to harmonal imbalance , extensive exposure to sun light, pregnancy etc.

Few sittings are required to achieve good results.
Skin Whitening
Glowing and clear, white complexion is a desire for everyone . By the use of no-1 quality Glutathione injections, This desire is fulfilled at ‘Beautiful Beings’.
Wrinkle Treatments
Wrinkles are sign of ageing . To treat wrinkles which are of many types , We offer botox , Derma Fillers , Laser and Mesotherapy. Dermapeel is also good for very fine wrinkles , But our new CO2 –Fractional Laser is the gold standard for open pores and skin Rejuvenation.
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