Our Services - Hair Beauty
Dry & Damage Hair
Dry & Damage hair looks very dull and spoils the whole personality . To treat this problem, we offer Loreal power dose , keratin Hair repair treatment and many more.
Hair Fall Solution
We offer latest PRP ( PROTEIN RICH PLASSMA) therapy and Mesotherapy for hair fall problems . We provide different types of shampoo and home treatments , which are available at our center.
Hair Thinning
Hair thinning is due many reason. Among them are Hormonal imbalance , genetic reasons , low hemoglobin, dietary deficiencies etc. But it could be controlled by many treatments which are available at our center.
Hair Transplant
Male as well as females are having need for Hair Transplant . It is done for Androgenetic boldness which is common in males . Hair Transplant is done by strip method as well as ‘FUE’ technique . We provide excellent results and done session of 6- hair.
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